History & Culture

Love history and culture? Step back in time and retrace the steps of emigrants who traversed the Oregon and Mormon Trails, and visit Register Cliff, our living Facebook predecessor. Visit Ft. Laramie just a few miles across the county line.  Stop in at Laramie Peak Museum in Wheatland, and spend hours exploring firsthand the lives of the pioneers that came before us. Don’t just read about the past, find an adventure in it.   

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Pony Express Route

The Pony Express mail service lasted only 19 months, but it created an immediate sensation and won a permanent place in the history of the American West. Today, the Pony Express Trail still beckons the adventurous and modern highways overlay much of the route. These corridors near the original trail route. Check out the Platte County, WY Pony Express stations are called Auto Tour Routes. 

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Register Cliff State Historic Site

Register Cliff was a welcome landmark for pioneers along the California, Oregon and Mormon Trails, and an important stopover for weary travellers to camp, rest, and pasture their animals.
Let your imagination travel back in time as you read the names, dates, and messages inscribed into the soft sandstone cliffs.
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Historical Marker Tour

There are a lot of historical markers  in Platte County, WY. The list on this website is a great place to start discovering Platte County, WY Historical Markers. 

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