Find Things to Do Outdoors

Get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air! Platte County, Wyoming has plenty matched with an indescribable beauty that will steal your heart away.

If you’re looking for wide open spaces and the serene calm of nature’s beauty – you can experience it in a myriad of different ways.  With two state parks to brag bout, you can enjoy a picnic by the lake or in the mountains, fish, boat, paddle boat, swim, hike, climb, bike, four-wheel, cliff dive, and more. There is a never-ending choice when you’re planning your adventure.

Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall there is always something adventurous to do outside in Platte County, Wyoming.

photo: Wyoming Office of Tourism


Camp under the beautiful starry skies and gather round a campfire for s’mores and ghost stories.  There are a lot of stories to tell about the wild, wild west. Looking for ghosts?  They are hanging around here and there – maybe you’ll see one or two. They’re friendly, no reason to be scared.

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Glendo State Park and Guernsey State Park offer plenty of hiking opportunities that you won’t find on your social media feed.  Check out the Porcupine Trail, Sand Draw Loop Trail, Whiskey Trail, Cotton Tail Trail, Tin Can, Two Moon Loop, Glendo Dam Nature Trail, Raptor, Reflector, Slide Hill Loop – and so many more. The list goes on and on.  Pack a lunch and head out for an uncharted adventure.  There’s so much beauty to explore.    


Off the beaten trail, is where it’s at and there’s plenty of mountain biking available in both Guernsey and Glendo State Parks.   


Platte County is a favorite for avid fishers with its 142 lakes, rivers and other fishing spots just waiting for a good hook, line and sinker.

Platte County is also a four-season destination offering sports for those that yearn to be fishing even if it’s out on the ice.

Water Sports

With many freshwater lakes and reservoirs, Platte County is a favorite for water sports and recreation.  Boat, float or ski along beautiful waterways and ever-changing landscapes.  

Wildlife Viewing

Back roads and by ways criss cross Platte County, and we hope you’ll take advantage of that! Map your route on foot, bike or vehicle to include some exploration time; it’ll be worth your while. Linger a little in our State Parks…take your time and keep your eyes open! You’re likely to see Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Turkey Vultures, Pronghorn (Antelope), Mule and Whitetail Deer, Black-tailed Prairie Dogs and Coyotes. You might also see (or hear!) bugling Elk, and Big Horn Sheep dotting the rocks.

photo: Stephanie Bayne Wilson


Fore! Located in Wheatland, Wyoming, the Wheatland Golf Club was opened on June 16th, 1931. The course was redesigned, and sand greens replaced in 1967.  Surrounded by tree-lined fairways with undulating greens the design of this course is known for being significantly different, yet fun. We offer a true Wheatland friendly atmosphere.

Wheatland Golf Club offers a challenging course with unique water hazards such as ponds and creeks. The course also features well-conceived holes with subtle elevation changes, demanding accuracy of the tee.

Buffalo Tours

The Twin Pine Ranch is a working bison ranch sprawling across the rugged foothills of the Laramie mountain range. Experience the spectacle of their roaming bison herds against the majestic backdrop of Laramie Peak and sister mountains.

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There is plenty for hunters all over the county from antelope, deer, elk, pheasant and turkey hunting. Please check with the Wyoming Game & Fish Department for specific public access, seasons, walk in area rules and licensing.  

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Platte County is the place to find beautiful public parks where you can relax, kick back, have a picnic, and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. Each community has their own and they are beautifully maintained and cared for.  We love to share them as long a you keep them clean.  What goes in should come out with you. 

photo: Wyoming Office of Tourism

Horseback Riding

Horseback is just one more way to escape and explore beautiful Platte County.  Looking for an authentic, western spirit experience? Horseback is a fun way to do it.

photo: Stephanie Bayne Wilson

Laramie Peak

Laramie Peak is the highest Wyoming peak in the Laramie Range, located in the northern part of Medicine Bow National Forest. Laramie Peak is also the second highest peak overall in the range behind Colorado’s South Bald Peak at 11,003 feet, and it is rated the 8th most prominent peak in Wyoming. 

The mountain does not rise above treeline, making it great for winter snowshoeing and an easy summer hike-up. The switchback trail leading to the top begins around 7,500 feet, making the days elevation gain about 3,000 feet. The degree of incline remains moderate for most of the journey, making biking up the mountain possible, and riding down the mountain highly recommended!

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